Missouri child dies from tick-borne disease

This just came over from the Associated Press. Frightening stuff, since it seems we find ticks on our son at least once a week! Check out the links at the bottom - they have good information on tick safety.

AP-MO--Tick Bite Death,0151

ST. LOUIS (AP) -- Health officials are warning Missourians to guard against tick bites, after the death of a child who was bitten by one of the insects in northeast Missouri.
The child became ill after being bitten by a tick and died May 23rd after ten days of intensive medical care.
The state health department reports a rise this year in tick-borne diseases such as ehrlichiosis (er-lish-e-OH'-sis) and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Other such diseases reported in Missouri this year include tularemia and Lyme-like disease.
Tests at St. Louis Children's Hospital show the child was infected with a disease related to Rocky Mountain spotted fever.
The state epidemiologist warns that tick-borne diseases can be fatal, and that diagnosis can be difficult.
More information about tick-borne disease prevention:


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