I'm at the end of my coax, so to speak.
The great thing about this blog is the ability to get things off my chest, so here goes. It's really a matter of being lost, and found.
The customer service folks at my local cable company (rhymes with Martyr) lost me this week. Actually, I lost my internet signal strength, and in my ongoing effort to get some sort of customer service from them, they lost me altogether. Seven days without internet service - counting today. At least a dozen phone calls later, each time having to explain my problem all over again, with each call averaging 30 minutes, I am still without service. Most of the people trying to help me live in Manilla, have never heard of Widlwood, Missouri, and probably couldn't find it on a map. In that dozen phone calls, I got a dozen excuses, but no service. The folks at the company (rhymes with Carter) just don't get it, and apparently don't care. I found that many of my friends had already discovered this horrrendous truth, then I found the phone number for the phone company. Goodbye CBL, hello DSL.

I know there are bookies out there who will let you bet on just about any game, anyway you want. Winner, loser, over, under, take the points - you get the idea. I didn't know you could bet on your favorite politician. Today I found Intrade.Com, which allows you to do just that. And if the "line" is anything like what they figure in Vegas - it's good news for Republican Fred Thompson. Fred hasn't even announced he's running - and he's trading at 29, compared to Rudy's 26! Hillary is trading at a 49 for the Democrats! Proving once again all politicians have their price. Buy low, sell high!


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