The Cos! -

The Cos!

I went to the game Saturday disappointed that I was running late and would miss Bill Cosby throw out the first pitch. I sit down with my friends, and this nice man behind us says hello. Eventually he tells us his son is Phillies first baseman Ryan Howard. A few minutes later Bill Cosby sits next to him. Right behind me.
You have to understand, my whole life I have told my dad that Bill Cosby reminded me of him, especially when he was on The Cosby Show.
Saturday just confirmed it.

I recently went to the University of Alabama's spring scrimmage game with my father and he proceeded to talk anyone and everyone around us. Telling his personal stories with his Bill Clinton like voice (do not ever tell him I compared him to Bill Clinton).
Well, Bill Cosby immediately leaned over and introduced himself to us and began telling stories. Now grant it, he is a little funnier than my dad and they don't look much alike BUT he acted just like my dad would have had he been at the game (you can tell my dad I compared him to that Bill). The Cards won but that moment was my highlight of the game.

Me, Bill Cosby, and Kisha

Me and my dad

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