Friends -


Hope you all had a good weekend. I had a low key one in St Louis. It's all about the company though no matter where you are. And these days the company is the best I have ever had.
I have to be honest I have been here four years and it wasn't easy making friends. First of all, this schedule of getting up at 2:40 in the morning makes it difficult. When I first got here I just wanted to sleep. Second, St Louis is a lot like my hometown of Birmingham, AL. People grow up here with their friends from grade school and many seem to stick with the same people for the rest of their lives. So it can be challenging. But I have made some amazing friends in the last year or so and the best part is they are all so different and from different places. Saturday, I got to introduce a bunch of them to each other. We all went to a barbeque at McLozzi Deli in Benton Park. (The people who run it are some of the great new friends I am talking about.)
It was the best. I liked just watching them get to know eachother and light up when they learned something facinating about another one.
I guess what I am getting at, is that once you make the effort to establish friendships, you shouldn't have a problem.
I used to use my sleep schedule as an excuse to get out of social events. Just ask my friend Kate how well that worked for me. She just about gave up on me and wrote me off. Now, she is one of my closest friends.
And my new goal of finding people who are positive and that I admire and want to be like, is how I have met so many great St Louisans and non St Louisans.
I know this is sickening and cheesy to some of you but it's what's on my mind!

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