The City -

The City

My car was broken into last night. I live in the city and have never had a problem in the four years I have been here.
I had The Club on it and they didn't take anything, not my cd's, not my iPod. It was all in the console and they threw it all over the car, but didn't steal anything. Maybe they don't like my music. On the bright side, I wasn't in it when they bashed in the windows and I still have a car.
With that said, can I tell you how much I love the city? I have lived in several different parts of it and I like them all. I lived in West County. It's nice. It reminds me of my parents' neighborhood at home but downtown is the place for me.
Just over the last few years, it has gotten so much livelier. I like the people who live there, because they are so diverse and I like being in the middle of all the action.
Have you checked out Washington Ave lately?

It is popping. I know the housing market is not the best, but give it a few years and that area is going to be packed with people opting for city life. It already is but it's going to be booming. Especially, when Ballpark Village is up and running.
No worries. My car will be back the way it was in a few days. My time in the city will only get better as time goes on.

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