One Armed Golfer -

One Armed Golfer

Okay. This could get me in trouble. That is, if Steve Savard sees it.
I was at a cook out yesterday and met a man named Todd. Todd only has one operable arm. His right arm got caught in a conveyer belt several years ago and he had to have it reattached. I know. YIKES! As he says, "Better to have one arm that doesn't work, than no arm at all." Well, Todd apparently is really good at golf. I know several people he plays with and he often beats them.

You can see the brace he wears on his right arm in this picture.

Then I find out that he is so good, he challenged Steve Savard, our oh so athletic and attractive sports director here at News 4, to a game of golf. I hear Steve is a pretty good golfer himself. And Todd beat him! This was several years ago but it seems to be a story that is told quite often. Don't be embarrassed, Steve, the man does this to a lot of guys.
Nice to meet you, Todd. You made me laugh all day yesterday with your stories.
Fortunately for me, Steve gets here hours after I leave so if he doesn't like me outing him he will just have to send me an email. He showed the video of the game during his sportscast so he must not have been too ashamed.

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