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"First of its Kind" Debate

What did you think about the "YouTube"-CNN debate last night? I found it terribly irritating. Sure, there were some blunt questions that received some pretty blunt answers but over all it was too much silly video.
Let's be honest, if it was so "internet savvy" then it should have had more interaction with internet users. The jackalopes from Tennessee who claimed to be hillbillies wanting to know if the candidates were jealous of Al Gore- not funny. The snowman Mr. Bill look alike asking about the environment-ridiculous.

There was too much video and not enough substance. For the most part, the YouTube video consisted of talking heads you would see on television anyway. The biggest impact was from the people who were clearly sick and asking about healthcare (the woman with breast cancer.)
Many times the questions were answered by only one or two candidates and they were not the front runners.
It also bothers me that CNN editors picked the questions. Let the online readers vote for their favorite video and questions.
I won't even get into how I think the actual candidates performed. I just hope CNN can tweak their system before the Republican presidential hopefuls go at it in September.

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