Roll Tide Roll, Baby! -

Roll Tide Roll, Baby!

It is finally here! College football season officially kicks off Saturday and I am soooo stoked. It will be the first game that Nick Saban, our $4 million-a-year coach, will be in charge of the Crimson Tide.

You have no idea how exciting that is to me. In fact, I spotted an Alabama fan at the Cards game on Saturday and embarrassed my friends when I ran over to talk with him. His name is John Moats and he is my new friend because he gets it.

I brought out the University of Alabama coffee mug on the news set today. I must start the good vibes early because for the first time in five years we WILL beat Auburn.

If you are on the Bama Bandwagon, please note that ESPN's Game Plan will air the game at 6 Saturday night. We play Western Carolina. I will have my Alabama tee shirt on and thoroughly annoy anyone around me.

You think I'm crazy? Go to Tuscaloosa where more than 92,000 fans showed up just to see Coach Saban in the spring scrimmage. That's dedication, people.

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