Roll, Tide, Roll, Cards -

Roll, Tide, Roll, Cards

I'm as thrilled as Virginia about college football finally being here! It marks the true start of Fall when you hear the scream of the crowds, the crunch of the pads and the drumbeat of the marching bands.

Of course, it also means we're just two months away from UK Basketball season, with our new multi-million dollar coach. Nick Saban and Billy Gillispie have one thing in common - they could rival Atlas with all that weight on their shoulders!

Courtesy of Virginia Kerr...Matt and I got to spend last Friday night at the Cards game.

Of course, since I was with the weather guy, it rained! I figured we'd get beer thrown on us, but they finally started the game about 8:30. Unfortunately, it's the only game they lost to Atlanta. Go figure!


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