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Spending Time with Mom

I am out of here for the next few days. My mom is visiting from Alabama. We are doing the usual mother daughter stuff: pedicures, shopping, and eating.
She is in town for her birthday. This is a big year for her she just wrapped up her first year on a new job and she just moved into a new house.
She is from L.A. That's Lower Alabama. Right around the town where the movie "Sweet Home Alabama" was supposedly set. She sounds like a southern belle, too.

You should hear her when she watches Bama play. When they score she yells "Hot Dog!!!" I can't say that I have ever heard anyone scream that during any occasion, but it makes me smile every time. Of course we are fitting in the Alabama Vanderbilt game on Saturday.
Hopefully, there will be a lot of elated "Hot Dogs!"

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