Like most St. sent a chill down my spine today when we were able to break the news that this baby was safe. Now it looks like this wasn't a carjacking to begin with, but rather someone inside the SUV who killed Ivory's father. What a sad situation for that baby, because her father had sole custody in the first place for some reason. Someone was watching over her this time, but what will her future hold?

I've always wanted to be a food critic, if only for a day! Well I've never gotten the chance, so here's my attempt at tipping you off on some great experiences I've had at local restaurants.
1) My best friend in the world works for Carrabba's in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. It's Italian, which is one of my favorites anyway! He treated me to dinner on my last visit, and I have to say it rivals much of what I've had on The Hill, even if it is a chain. I was thrilled to find out they have two stores in the St. Louis area.
2) Friday night I took my beautiful wife to Kreis' Restaurant on Lindbergh. They have - hands down - the best prime rib I've ever eaten. It cost $30.00, but it filled my plate (and probably clogged my arteries a little more), and I left there a happy man.
3) And another Italian restaurant we've always enjoyed is a lower cost alternative to "The Hill." Former News 4 Anchor Evan Forrester told me about Tumo's years ago, and it's worth the trip down Hampton Ave. to get there. It's small, with checkerboard tablecloths, and great food.

On October 28th...I'll be dancing in the street in front of Scottrade Center. The public is invited to attend, but you'll need a ticket to follow me inside to see my favorite band of all time, Van Halen. Tickets go on sale Saturday. I drained the kids' college accounts this morning, and plan to be seated somewhere close to the stage!
See ya,

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