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Old Friends

I had a wonderful time with my mom. We did a little shopping and went to the St Louis Art Fair in Clayton. Of course we watched Bama whoop up on Vandy. And of course we went to La Russos. She insists that we go to dinner there every time she's in town.

This weekend I am jetting off to Houston to see my best friend from grade school Suzanne and her husband Larry. I met Suzanne at summer camp when I was nine. We went to school together from 6th grade through our college years at Alabama.

Me, Suzanne, Larry

People say we are just alike. Although, she has to be one of the most patient people I have ever me. So maybe when I come back I will seem a little calmer after a weekend with Sooze and a little cheerier after we watch the Crimson Tide beat those Razorbacks!

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