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Look what I found!

If you ever pay attention to the anchor set in the morning, you will see that I have an Alabama mug on set during football season and Marc has a University of Kentucky mug during BASKETBALL season.
We have no friction because my team's sport is football and his team's is basketball. We are both SEC teams but it hasn't caused any tension. Until now. Apparently, Mr. Cox thinks that because his team is 4-0 and beat #9 Louisville and Arkansas this weekend, he can become a boastful football fan.

Yes, Alabama lost to Georgia Saturday and yes now Kentucky is ranked #14 and Bama dropped to #22. Both of our teams will be in Florida taking on FSU and Florida Atlantic. We will see what happens. But if this Kentucky attitude continues, this could get ugly.

Meanwhile I met a Bama boy in Augusta this weekend. Can you tell he's a Crimson Tide fan?

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