We've been getting some questions about the recent changes to News 4 This Morning, so I thought I should address some of those. On Monday we moved our starting time each morning to 5 am, and the newscast runs straight through until 7 am each morning. We made this change in part because CBS announced two months ago that each affiliate station will be required to carry the CBS Early Show beginning at 7 am each morning. CBS feels it needs to compete head to head with NBC and ABC morning shows, which is understandable. By moving our starting time, we are also competing head to head with other newscasts in the market. Change is not always easy, especially when you invite someone in to your home each morning at the same time for the latest news, weather and traffic! Virginia, Matt, Paul and I will still be here every day, doing our best to deliver what you need. If you have any thoughts, we'd love to hear from you: Click here to email us


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