New/Old Friend -

New/Old Friend

This is exciting. A viewer emailed be several few weeks ago to let me know that she was a Tide fan, too, and she too is from Birmingham. I don't think she planned on me emailing her back, but I did.
Turns out, we were at the University of Alabama at the same time, we have common friends from high school AND we went to summer camp together. I even remember the name of the horse she was riding during horseback session when I was nine. I also have a vague memory of what she looks like. She did not know me but she remembers my best friend Suzanne.
So Kelly (that's her name) and I have been emailing back and forth ever since the first game of the season. I have never spoken to her but we are meeting (or reuniting) for the first time on Saturday. It's the Tennessee game and I am pumped. I think I may be more fired up about this game than the Auburn game.

There is something about Tennessee that really gets me fired up this year- the longtime rivalry, the fact that we've only beaten them twice out of the last ten games, the obnoxious orange color and fans, and other reasons that I won't go into.

Ironically, Kelly and I are watching the game at a Tennessee fan's house. It's a friend of Kelly whom I happened to interview on a story three years ago. Small place this town is.

Finally, I've met someone up here who gets the Bama Fever, too! I can't wait to tell you how it goes. I will see if Kelly will let me post some pictures of us.

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