Best Food in Town -

Best Food in Town

I have the honor of emceeing a wonderful event tonight. At least 30 of the top chefs in St Louis will be at the Ritz Carlton tonight letting people try their food and some will auction off private dinners and parties to the highest bidders.
It's called the March of Dimes Signature Auction. All the proceeds go towards March of Dimes' research on premature births.
I never knew how common premature births are until I got involved with the March of Dimes four years ago. I bet you know someone or are someone who has had to go through the nightmare of wondering whether that tiny baby will survive, having to wait months before it can even go home and that is if it even makes it that long.

It's such a sad scene when you see these dedicated, loving mothers visiting their babies in intensice care. The worst part is that most of the time it is a complete mistery as to why these children are born so early. That's why supporiting the March of Dimes' mission to save babies is so important. Every year I get to meet children at the March of Dimes Walk

who did survive. Most, if not all, are healthy because of the March of Dime's support.

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