Fine Line between Love and Hate -

Fine Line between Love and Hate

War has been declared in Sabanation or Tuscaloosa, Alabama. LSU and the Alabama Crimson Tide are tied for first in the SEC West. That's only a small part of why this game is THE game this weekend..
LSU hates Saban and the Bama Boys.

But they used to love him.
Our beloved Nick Saban was LSU's savior. He was the LSU coach who made the Bayou Bengals national champions. Out of the 110 years of playing, they had only done that one other time. Before Saban, they had not won a major bowl game in 32 years. They had not beaten Alabama in Tiger Stadium in 31 years.

And then Saban left. Went to the Miami Dolphins and then returned to the SEC making 4 million dollars a year in hopes to do what he did in Louisiana all over again.
But why would you feel sorry for them? They have continued to be as strong as ever. Some of their biggest stars are athletes whom Nick Saban recruited.

I won't lie. I am nervous, but I know we can do this.

I have been sporting my Crimson Red all week to send out my support. I have my whole day planned for this game. From making my homemade Alabama Chili to wearing my very red and white head to toe outfit on Saturday.

You can support us, too. The Alabama LS-who game is on Channel 4 at 4 o'clock tomorrow.
Flip it on and let out at least one, "ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!"

If we win, we will most likely be heading to the SEC Championship game for the first time since 1999. Saban saved LSU, now he's ready to bring back the believers in Tide Country.

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