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NBC's Green Week Has Me Seeing Red

I really don't care for programming on NBC these days but I do enjoy watching "The Biggest Loser" on Tuesday nights.

Last night, the contestants "went green." They worked out without electricity (they went jogging and lifted weights.) That was tolerable but when the trainers started giving me tips every two minutes like "Eat vegetarian once a week to save water," I began getting annoyed.

NBC seems to think that saturating their programs for a week with a "Save the Earth" theme, will pull them out of their ratings slump. It started with the Sunday night NFL game.
PSA's wouldn't bother me, but having every show including your newscasts incorporate going green story lines is ridiculous. Not only is it bad marketing, it's bad politics. It's as if they are preaching to us.
You better believe people would be perturbed if Fox News launched a "Save the Babies" campaign.
I'll conserve energy, by turning off NBC.

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