Yes, Santa Claus, There is a Virginia -

Yes, Santa Claus, There is a Virginia

Santa Claus apparently has some pretty strong ties in St Louis. I ran into him and Mrs. Claus at Lambert Airport on Thanksgiving. I tell you what, he is the real deal.
He had on a pair of red Levi's and a red tee-shirt that read "I'm on my Way."

Well, that got everyone in the airport fired up and ready to make nice with Ole Saint Nick. I had to fight off the Southwest Airline crew to get a picture with him and introduce myself. Of course Santa told me he knows me and I've been on his list for years.
He left the reindeer at home and jetted off to Atlanta. Probably checking in with his southern elves.

Ozzie Smith came by the studio to visit with Marc and me. He was here to remind us about tomorrow's "Dining Out for Life." So Tuesday the 27th, you can eat at one of 135 participating restaurants anytime and a portion of your bill will go to help out St Louis Effort For AIDS. Super charming man!

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