MERRY CHRISTMAS (how much did you spend?) -

MERRY CHRISTMAS (how much did you spend?)

Ho, ho, ho!

Have you caught the spirit of the holiday season? When most people ask that question, the obvious follow-up is this: Are you done shopping? The answer is often no, and I've noticed every year the list seems to grow. The focus of the sermon at our church this past weekend focused on how "lost" the season really is for most of us, and the pastor is right. Spending is not what it's about - giving is. What are you giving this year? A group called Advent Conspiracy is encouraging people to spend less, but give more. Here's a hilarious video from Rev. Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping:

To find out more about how giving can make a difference, check out the Living Water effort. They're collecting money to dig fresh water wells in developing countries, where many families use stagnated - and disease ridden water on a daily basis. Click here for more information

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Hannukah!


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