It's the Final Shutdown.. -

It's the Final Shutdown..

Oh yes! It's really here. Interstate 64 or Highway 40 closed between 270 and 170 at midnight.
I just got off the air. We had a five hour special. No, the traffic isn't bad today but no one knew for sure what the impact would be. The real test will be next Monday when everyone is back at school and work.
We have two full years of major stretches of 40 being closed in St. Louis and let me tell you this newsroom is all over it. The bosses had us here at 2:30 getting ready and that was just the reporters and anchors, producers got here last night.
This is what I like about our business. We get to be the ones in the know and help get everyone else informed.
I have to say though, I am soooooooo glad I live in the city. I have changed gyms and grocery stores, I even started shopping online just to avoid 40.
Hopefully, it won't be too bad if everyone is prepared. It's still anyone's guess. We'll see....
Marc, Matt, Paul and I will be back on tomorrow morning at 5 o'clock to get you ready. Be nice out there.

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