I hear columnists say sometimes that a weekly column is like a heavy anvil hanging over you when you wake up each day. Good thing I'm not paid to blog...because it's been several weeks!
Sorry about that...as you can guess things get busy on occasion. Virginia and I should both be back at the blog wheel soon.

DON KING is a living legend in the sports world, and he stopped by the station while in town to promote his latest boxing match. DD Abo got the opportunity to sit down with him...although getting a word in edgewise is tough when you're talking to Don. Watch it here!


It was only a 22 year wait. I really shouldn't care, should I, that I came thisclose to seeing my favorite band together again? The rumor mill is churning that the VH tour is postponed indefinitely. TMZ is reporting it's because Eddie is upset with Valerie's tell-all book. In it, she admits having an affair behind his back. Now Eddie's having "issues". Thanks Val! Looks like Eddie's not the only one who got, um, well - you know - cheated!

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