It's Been a Long Time -

It's Been a Long Time

Hello again. I have been told that I am in blog trouble. I know it's bad when my own father starts leaving comments on here telling me to make an entry.

Truth be told, I have all kinds of things I would like to say but sometimes I wonder if it would be appropriate.

Well, I am pulling the trigger on what has been on my mind of late. Here goes:

This has been the most challenging and yet life enhancing year of my life. I am choosing to tell you this because I know there are people out there who have or are experiencing similar situations and it seems to help when you find that your are not alone or at least that there is someone who seems to understand what you are going through.

Don't get me wrong, I am embracing this next stage in my life but it has taken me a lot of life lessons to get here.

This past year, I went through a divorce, so did my parents and I no longer have the dogs or a lot of other material possessions.
I often get phone calls and emails at work from viewers who want to know about certain areas of my life that I used to mention but no longer do. I think it's only fair that I explain considering I chose to open up my personal life in the first place.

No one can prepare you for life altering changes like those.
But I have and am learning to find my way in this, at times, confusing world. I am 33 years old and for the first time feel like I am discovering who I am. I feel more defined but not because of what is in my past or that I have reached a huge career goal or that I love Alabama football or the Cards or that I am the oldest in my family or that I am a woman. Those things describe me but I am who I am without all those things.
In the end, none of that stuff matters. I am learning how to take it one moment at a time and relish it. I'm learning to not always expect things to get better but be content with the way things are and know without a doubt that God has the future taken care of. Can I tell you? That alone is the most liberating experience ever. EVER. Life is good and it's what it is supposed to be right now.

Just know, when you feel lonely or pointless, you are the one responsible for that and you are the one and only who can change it. Possessions and other people may enhance your happiness but those too will go away or let you down eventually. And if you are constantly waiting for this or that to happen, you will miss out on life and never be satisfied.

Until you can be happy with you alone, you will never know true happiness.
That's what is on my mind today and I am so glad I finally got the guts to tell you. :)

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