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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Top o the mornin' to ya! If you have the day off and plan on going to the parade in Dogtown, I may see you. They assigned me to cover it for the noon show today.
I like those stories. You know, the happy ones. It's a nice break for a reporter when you get to cover a story and people don't assume something bad happened when they see you there.
Too bad it's supposed to be a nasty, weather day. But hey, it's like a typical day in Ireland.

By the way, I made the full five miles in the St. Patrick's Day Parade run on Saturday. That was a lot of fun. The last mile wasn't. I started feeling sick to my stomach and running by the barbeque grills made it worse. I think skipping breakfast was the cause. But I made it.

I will be there again next year. Now the next big day to look forward to: Opening Day. SOOOOO excited, even if our team does look weak this year. I am a huge fan of both Yadier Molina and Anthony Reyes. I wish them all the Irish Luck in the world!!!!

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