Debra -


Not Deborah. Debra. I know because that is how she spells it on her name tag at her work.

You know those people, sometimes total strangers, who can make you smile and feel good inside no matter what kind of day you're having?

Debra is one of those people. She works at the Target near my house and I got the chance to see her again last night. She's a cashier.

She didn't recognize me while I was waiting in her line. I had on my usual "when I'm not at work" attire: workout clothes, oversized fleece and a beat-up baseball cap. So I got to watch her in action.
I couldn't believe how personable she was with every person in line.
The people in front of me were a husband and wife. The husband is a firefighter who was injured on the job. I know this because by the time they bought their Easter candy, Debra had found out what they did for a living, how long they had been married and even had some insight into their relationship.
I know I am making her sound nosy, but she's not. She is just one of those people you feel like hugging by the end of your first conversation. You're so comfortable with her that you find yourself volunteering information.
Bubbly, genuine, kind hearted and a smile that could warm you up on the spot. We need more Debras in the world.

By the way, during my conversation with Debra, I found out she had a close relative die just a week ago. That doesn't stop her from enjoying life one minute at a time. Thanks for being you, Debra!


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