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Go Birds!

I can't believe Opening Day is finally here!! It's like waiting for Christmas when you were a kid, isn't it?
Everyone is in the Cardinals Spirit like Christmas, too. Smiley, happy fans walking around. I know people were giddy in the newsroom this morning.

This is the first year I have actually gotten to go to the game on Opening Day. Of course, it could be a long one with all the rain in the forecast, but I don't even care.
I took tomorrow off, so there is no rush for me today.
I can't wait to get back in the stadium, see the familiar faces behind the counters serving cold beer and hot dogs.
I can't wait to scream and cheer on the Cards. I can't wait to see my man Yadi!!

Not sure of my exact plans, I just know that it will involve, good friends, good ballpark barbeque and good times.

I am taking my camera so I can show you pictures.
Maybe I will see you over there. GO CARDS!!!!

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