As most of you know I'm a UK fanatic, and therefore usually get irritated when people get the initials mixed up, i.e. KU. But this year let me send my hearty congratulations to all the Jayhawk fans I normally harass endlessly about their long Championship drought. That clutch 3 by Mario Chalmers was one for the ages, and capped a dramatic comeback win. Maybe now people will forget about Christian Laettner! I have one lucky co-worker (KU grad!) who actually managed to get tickets to the Final 4 at the last minute, and I'm sure she helped paint San Antonio blue, white & red last night!

Now Kansas gets to taste the downside of that success - Coach Bill Self admits he may be interested in the head coaching job at his alma mater - OSU. I hope for the Kansas fans' sake that doesn't happen.


Wow have things changed since I played little league baseball and pee-wee football all those years ago. You pick the sport: Football, baseball, soccer - it doesn't matter, but if your kid isn't playing by age 6 or 7, even getting a spot can be tough, and excelling may be tougher. I don't know if sports are that much more popular, or if parents are that much more competitive. Many times, rosters are filled from year to year. It's to the point that if you don't get your kids involved by a very young age, they have virtually no chance of competing at an advanced level. I don' t know how healthy that is, because not every kid is going to be an all-star, but they may still love the game.
Now, if you'll excuse me I've got to call that hitting instructor...


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