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Hey You Dog Lovers!!!

Oh my goodness! Did you happen to see the episode on Oprah dedicated to dogs two weeks ago? It was heart breaking. They went undercover to expose puppy farms. They showed dogs that had NEVER walked on solid ground because they were kept in chicken wire cages to breed repeatedly until they were too old and no longer fertile. There were dogs kept in hamster wheel cages so that they had to continuously run. Dogs that had chains embedded into their skin. Dogs that were so matted and emaciated you couldn't begin to guess what breed they were.

It is disgusting to think that people can treat animals like that. What's worse, Missouri is like the puppy mill capitol.

Well, there is an easy way to help some of the abused and neglected dogs in our area.

Surely you have heard of Randy Grimm and his no kill shelter. He's the guy who rescued the dog that survived the gas chamber at the Animal Control shelter a few years ago and made national headlines. Quinton is his name. Randy has devoted his life to saving dogs that are on the brink of dying and now he has the opportunity to save even more.

Randy's Stray Rescue St Louis Shelter could win a $1 Million dollar makeover.
It ranked #2 in the country out of 970 shelters to compete for this prize. Now the people sponsoring it, Zootoo, are coming to check out the shelter for one last look before they decide the winner.

All you have to do is show up for a pep rally the day the judges come to see Randy and his rescue dogs. It's May 1 at the shelter downtown on 2320 Pine Street. It starts at 9 in the morning and you can bring your dog.

Please come out to support Randy. And if you don't do anything else, don't buy your pets at pet stores. Ninety nine percent of them get their animals from puppy mills. It is a sick, sick business.

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