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Ebay Bullies

So I was in the market for a new summer handbag and I am constantly seeing my coworker Diane with same as new Coach purses she bought off Ebay.
I decided to try it. I had never purchased anything before from the internet auction site. Just looked.
I was looking for a straw handbag with leather trim and found the perfect one. What I thought was perfect.

Check out the picture that was posted on Ebay.

It's used. To me it looks like it's in good shape and that it is straw with a burgundy, leather trim.
My friend Diane got the same purse last summer used for $150.
I managed to win this used one for $80. It would retail for about $200 new.
I thought it was a deal.

Until it arrived in the mail. Holy Horrible Handbag!

It is beat up and dirty. What I thought were shadows in that picture are really black smudges. And what I thought was burgundy trim is light, metallic pink!!!
The straw portion is dirty, too.
It looks nothing like the picture and everyone who saw it in the newsroom agrees.
So I emailed the seller and asked for a refund. Her posting said she returned items within 7 days. I overnighted it to her on the sixth day.
She wrote me back and said there was no way she was going to give me my money back and that it is not her fault that I have "buyer's remorse."
She went on to say that she said in her description that it was used and she is sorry that I am such an "inexperienced Ebay user"
We went back and forth all morning on Ebay. Finally, I filed a dispute with Paypal and Ebay. That's where my case stands now.
Now..You tell me. Am I wrong to be so perturbed?
I did buy a new Coach handbag on Ebay the same day I bought the sorry excuse for a "so cute" Coach bag. I love that one, but I don't know if I will ever go for a used anything again on Ebay, if it's so easy for sellers to bully their buyers.
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