Plastic Surgery -

Plastic Surgery

No, I'm not getting anything done. Not yet at least. I will tell you when that happens.
I have a story running Tuesday on the 10 PM show. I visited a plastic surgeon and took pictures of some pretty messed up looking celebrities. Priscilla Presley, Kenny Rogers (poor man) and Meg Ryan, to name a few.
I wanted to know where these people went wrong. Priscilla Presley looks like she was stung by bees with her new marshmellow look.

I learned some pretty interesting things. Like many people in Hollywood get nose jobs and chin implants. He says a strong chin helps people look younger.
I just think it's so sad that our society is so obsessed with looks. I mean, we can't wait to look older when we're kids and in high school and then we can't stand the thought of it when we hit our mid twenties.
You can't avoid age just like you can't avoid death. Remember when you used to round up or tell people you were 13 and a half? We can't age fast enough. Then all of a sudden we turn 30 and we try to slam on the brakes. We are now "approaching 40," "pushing 50" and then "we hit 60." Then, we start thinking about how many years we have left.

But we are all going to die, everything must come to an end. Looks fade too but that doesn't mean beauty does. Although, it will if you live life so worried that you look your age and that you won't live to reach 70. Let God do the worrying. He already knows the ending so enjoy the story and just take care of yourself
I'm not saying I oppose plastic surgery. I just think people go too far sometimes..

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