Mother's Day -

Mother's Day

I won't see my mom for Mother's Day but she certainly deserves to have a special one this year. She's been through a lot. But watching how she is able to take on life's challenges and keep charging ahead motivates me and encourages me.

I don't have children, so I don't have the experience to know what it's like to worry, support, sacrifice and all the other remarkable things moms do. I do know that it wasn't until I moved away that my mother and I got close and I started to appreciate all she has done for me.

Here she is with my sister and me.

Now, I can tell her things I would never dream of telling her before.. But I think what helps us the most in our relationship is that she doesn't identify her self as "my mother" she knows I am an adult and will make my own decisions. She doesn't micro manage me by nagging or questioning my decisions. I am fortunate that I have a mother who supports me but knows when it's time to step away and let her children live their own lives.

My mother is a very private person so I can't go into details but writing this brings tears to my eyes at the thought of how she continues to amaze me.

I have never seen her as happy and adventerous as she is now and it is such a gift to me just to get to watch her transform. It let's me know that even in your 50's, you are still evolving.

Happy Mother's Day!

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