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Losing Weight

I did a story about a weight loss technique that is gaining popularity in the United States.
I first saw it on Easter Sunday night. A guy was demonstrating it on a television show.
The "secret" is you lose the desire to eat when you are emotional. You know, those uncontrollable urges to down a pint of ice cream, eat two candy bars or maybe a big bag of M&M's.

I am a total emotional eater. I have been struggling with it since I was in about the sixth grade. That's also when I went on my first diet. I was bone skinny but I still thought I was overweight. It got worse in 8th grade when my ballet teacher told me my hips were too big. I weighed less that 110 lbs and was 5' 3" Game over after that comment. I would find myself stuffing my face with chocolate and ice cream after school and then running five to six miles to try and work it off.

It became an obsession. I don't think a day went by that I did not wake up feeling guilty about what I ate the day before and swear to myself I would eat perfectly healthy that day. I would do great until I got home from school or I got into it with my parents about something. Then it was off to the pantry to stuff my face with Hershey's miniature bars.

I was so ashamed of it, too. It only got worse as I got older. It got so bad, I passed out a couple times after eating so much sugar that my insulin level would skyrocket and then plunge.

That happened for the first time right after I moved to St. Louis. Oh yes, it is still a battle.
I put down an entire Medium bag of M&M's everyday after work. I'm talking about the size bag you get when you are throwing a party not the snack size. Again, I was stressed. Okay, depressed. I didn't know anyone here and I was getting up at 2 in the morning for work for the first time in my life. I wasn't used to that. I couldn't keep myself from going to the store down the street and buying the candy. It was scary and I gained weight real fast.

I was able to get it under control but I would still have relapses.
I have come a long way. I tell you all this so that you can better understand the story if you watch it tonight (Tuesday) at 10. It will be on this website Wednesday morning.

Overeating is an addiction. Just like a drug addiction. We live our lives picking up negative thoughts about ourselves and bad memories. We run those thoughts over and over in our heads until they run like continuous audio tapes through our minds. We are so used to them; we don't even realize we are telling ourselves these mean things. That's when we try and cope. I would cope by eating; you may cope by drinking or smoking. The problem is we usually don't know what triggers it because the thoughts are so automatic we aren't conscious of them.

Well, this technique allows you to recognize the triggers. By going through the exercise, you force yourself to slow your mind down and listen to what you're telling yourself. There is a physical aspect to it as well. It physically relaxes you. I'll let you see that part in the story.

But let me tell you, it works for me.
Friday I was driving down I-44, and could not stop thinking about ice cream. I was a little stressed out. I think I was going over my bills in my head and the balance in my bank account. I used the technique while I was driving and completely lost the desire for any sweets. I have lost 10 lbs since I started trying this. I also feel in control and I don't wake up feeling guilty or beating myself up over my diet.

Just check it out and let me know what you think.

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