I can't tell you how impressed I am with the turnout this weekend for the "Call to Oneness" in St. Louis. The paper estimated the crowd at 20,000, but even if that's high, it's quite an accomplishment. I just hope it translates in to something good. Maybe it will have an impact on the young kids who have yet to become disaffected. We all know gang violence plays such a huge role in the current homicide rates in the city, and it will obviously take more than a march to turn those kids around. But at least someone is doing something, and not just expecting some politician to make it better.


Tatum O'Neil is in trouble again for apparently falling off the wagon. The AP reports she was buying crack cocaine a few blocks from her apartment when she was caught last night. If your life hasn't been touched by addiction, say your blessings. Most of us know someone who struggles with that monkey on their back, and it's just awful. I blame Hollywood for cheapening the whole idea of "rehab", because a different celebrity checks himself or herself in to rehab every week, as if it's a spa or something. Rehab is just the beginning, like boot camp for the lifelong struggle you're about to face, and many people fail that test. I just can't see anything good in Tatum's future, but I hope for her sake her family rallies around her.


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