Negative Energy -

Negative Energy

I cannot wait to hear what you think about this. I have had my house on the poor, slumping market for 6 months now. I knew it wouldn't go fast but I am getting a little anxious now.

My situation is this. I kept the house after my divorce. I gave the majority of the furniture to my ex. So it was pretty much an empty house until you got to the third floor and saw my bedroom. I had it staged this week. Meaning a company came in and decorated it with "borrowed furniture." I also landscaped the front yard finally. My neighbors are ecstatic over that.

My first open house since the updates is this weekend. I am pumped.

But here is the part I want to get your opinion on. A friend of mine says I need to "cleanse" the place. He said people may be getting bad vibes and picking up negative energy when they walk through because my husband and I broke up.

Okay. No divorce is easy or pretty for that matter. But I am happy to report that I am now friends with my husband and there is no bad blood. So why would they get "negative energy?" Could it not simply be that A. It's a horrible time to sell a house B. It's an empty historic home and that makes it difficult to visualize furniture placement and/or C. The right time hasn't come because it hasn't fit into God's plan?

Oh yes. What is a cleansing? Well, it is an hour of you and an energy specialist walking through your house chanting positive messages and doing something called smudging. Not sure what that is except that it's some Native American tradition. And the cleansing costs $93.

Now Marc suggests I go get a St. Joseph statue and bury it my front yard. Apparently, that is a pretty successful tactic. I think I will start with that idea.

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