St. Joseph, Real Estate and Satellite Interviews.... -

St. Joseph, Real Estate and Satellite Interviews....

Exit, stage left...
I feel like I need to explain what happened during the After Show this morning. In case you haven't watched...Click Here We shoot this immediately following the morning show...and we have to squeeze it in before the local weather update during the CBS Early Show. This morning we invited our Audio Engineer DD Abo to join us, but the weather update hit early...and she ran from the set to try to make it back to the audio booth in time. In the process she tripped over some equipment and went flying! She's fine...but probably bruised. You can hear the accident in the background...and I had to wrap up quickly before I could explain. You have to understand that DD is just about the funniest - and most resilient - person I know.

Location, Location, St. Joseph?

Just an update since Virginia is not in this offers on the house just yet, but she did promise me she was planning a trip to find a St. Joseph statue for the front yard. I'll keep you posted! I told her I'd walk through the halls chanting positive messages if it would save her $93 bucks! :)

Have a great Monday!

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