There is a huge effort right now to educate people about Digital Television. In February of next year, television stations around the country will stop broadcasting an "analog" signal, which is how most people receive their over the air broadcast right now. We are already broadcasting a "digital" signal, and you likely need a converter box if your television set is older than 5 years. If you have cable or satellite, you'll be fine. I'll be filing reports weekly over the next six months, to answer questions people may have about the issue. Since you're already on KMOV.COM to read this blog, you can click on the DTV link at the top of the home page to find out how to make the switch. There are an estimated 15-million who still get their TV over the air, who will be potentially affected. Tell your friends and family now - so they don't get caught unprepared. Already there are reports of stores running out of these converter boxes, so the earlier you get one the better, and the government will give you a $40 coupon toward the price.


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