The Great Eight -

The Great Eight

Wow. Talk about a dog rescue story. I just met two of the Great Eight Dogs.
They were about to be put down because they were part of dog fighting ring all the way out in Spokane, WA.

Meet Hope and Callie

They just road 30 hours to St Louis because Randy Grim from Stray Rescue was some how able to save them from death row. You see, they've been imprisoned for the last year while their former owners stood trial on dog fighting charges.

Well, if anyone can make these guys sweet, loving pets, Randy can. That's what he does for all the dogs he rescues in St Louis.

The Great Eight, seven females and one male, will go through Randy's training and foster care process and then they will be ready for adoption.

Randy says they can't go to homes with other dogs or small children but he says he knows they will make great pets. I know. It sounds like a big risk. But these dogs do get a bad reputation because of the cruel owners who train them to attack other dogs. They are strong but they can be raised as sweet and strong. I've seen Randy preform miracles on the local rejected dogs around here.

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