Dating Phone Etiquette -

Dating Phone Etiquette

You know you have been faced with the big question: "When should I call her?" or "When should I call him back?"

Being from the South, I had some cultural hang ups that caused me to send out the wrong message when I first moved out West. When I lived in Montana, it wasn't too bad because I dated a guy from Tennessee so he was used to the southern belle ways.

But when I dated in Spokane, WA, I started really making men mad.
You see, my mom told me a girl should NEVER call boys. I mean we are talking old school, back in the 50's kind of views when it came to my mom and dating do's and dont's. She was so strict, I remember when I was in 1st grade-6 YEARS OLD- I got in trouble for calling Jim -a guy in my class- because I forgot our math homework assignment. That was the first time I can remember my mom telling me that I could leave the wrong impression by doing that.

Now, that was a little extreme but I never forgot it. As I got older, I stuck to that dating rule. I never called guys. I would even tell them if they asked, "If you want to talk to me, you'll have to call me. I don't call boys."

The guys out West thought I was rude. I remember being totally shocked when a guy I was dating called me at work and told me this would be the last time he ever called because I never called him. When I told the reporter in the cubicle next to me-Tobey Hatley- Tobey told me he didn't blame him and he would have done the same thing.
They had never heard of girls not calling guys.

Since then, I have eased up on my telephoning guidelines but the guy still calls me way more than I call him. Even if it's a serious relationship. It's not a power playing thing, I'll call if I have a question, or text if I want tell him I'm thinking about him. But other than that, its just a habit and I assume if he wants to talk, he'll call me.

I also don't play dating games. They are so stupid. The guy either likes you or he doesn't, girls. Don't make excuses for him. If he wants to talk to you, he will.
That brings me to this article I read today. "The 5 Dating Phone Rules" by David Wygant.

He suggests you conduct your dating life like your business life. That way you take the emotions out of it and you don't overthink every little move.

I agree, keep it simple and forget some super duper plan to get him/her or hooked.

So ladies who aren't doing the calling, maybe you're wondering when you should RETURN his call.

Here are the five phone rules this guy says everyone should follow when dating:

1: Be Prompt When They're Prompt.

If you give out your phone number and a date calls you within 24 hours, then you should call this date back within 24 hours.

I agree completely with the author. I can't stand that wait three days rule. If he calls within 24 hours, then he must be interested. You could ruin the pace and make him feel like you're not interested.

2: If They Waited, You May Also Wait.

I like this rule, too. I'm telling you, if the guy REALLY likes you, he wouldn't have waited five days. So you shouldn't get too excited. Call him later but don't start picturing yourself as his girlfriend or taking him home to meet mom. It may not be worth your time.

3: It's OK to Call Right Back.

If a date calls you promptly after you've given him/her your phone number, then you should call this date back within 24 hours --it's even perfectly fine to call him/her back the same night your date called you. It doesn't look desperate. It looks like you actually have manners.

4: You Can't Manipulate Your Date Into Liking You.

There doesn't need to be some "strategy" in figuring out when to return phone calls.
Don't wait five days to look "busy" or "not too available."
If it was a client, you would look rude and uninterested. It's the same with a date.

5: Being Busy Is No Excuse.

It's better to return a call promptly and let your date know you're busy and will call him/her back.
The longer you wait to call your date back, the less likely your date will still have the same interest in you that your date had in the first place.

I thought these were interesting. What do you think? I want to know the St. Louis style of dating.

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