Sitting on the Throne... -

Sitting on the Throne...

No. Not that throne.

But we are sitting pretty this morning.

Remember when you were a child and you came home one day to find out your parents had bought you a new couch? It was bigger, more firm than the old one. You were just certain you would never get used to this new monstrosity. Plus you weren't allowed to eat or drink anything on the new furniture!
That's sort of how we felt this morning in our brand new chairs, which are about 6 inches higher than our old chairs, all of which was a really a big surprise since no one informed us we had new chairs until just before the newscast.
Now, there's nowhere to hide - anything. Not that missing button on your coat...or in my case that roll around the middle. We're just perched up there like parrots. The desk felt like a coffee table this morning! It's really pretty hilarious that a little change like that can throw you so far out of your comfort zone. Enjoy the ride as we settle in.


I can't imagine many were surprised to hear that Archbishop Raymond Burke is heading to the Vatican. His ties there are well known, and his expertise in Canon law is among the tops in the Catholic Church. One local Catholic blog - - says this is the next step to becoming a Cardinal, and maybe Pope some day! Wouldn't that be cool, if the former St. Louis Archbishop someday led the Catholic Church? I know - there's never been an American Pope, but he is very popular within the Vatican.


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