Baseball, Boats and Barbeque -

Baseball, Boats and Barbeque

Hope you had a good July 4th weekend. I had a blast. Started it off with Friday's Cards vs. Cubs game. We lost, but it was still a good time. There was a live band at the Hilton after the game. They played a lot of old favorites. We're talking Bon Jovi, Poison, Violent Femmes, The Ramones. I was in heaven and I got a good workout, too!

Sunday, I went fishing at Carlyle Lake. I didn't catch anything but being on the lake at 6 in the morning forces you to thank God for being blessed. It was beautiful!

And to top it off, I found a new barbeque place that has sauce to die for. It's call Uncle Huffy's. It's in Lebanon, IL. I met Uncle Huffy. I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot of each other.

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