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Weekend Update

I had a great weekend except for the news of Anheuser Busch being sold on Sunday night.
I mean we all knew it was going to happen at some point but it certainly cast a big dark cloud over St Louis.

Of course, the story was all over our newscast this morning. I have to admit, it affected the way I felt during the show. Every time I had to read about the hundreds of jobs that will probably be cut and interview a guest about the questionable future fort AB and St. Louis, I felt flat, depressed. As a community, we are all mourning a huge loss. And we are going through this together. I hope that InBev's CEO Carlos Brito keeps his word but who knows how long he will keep his promise of keeping the AB headquarters here, Grant's Farm, the beer recipe, and charity involvment.

Saturday, I hung out with my friend Cheresse.

She was heading up a big fundraiser for the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Every year, BMW puts on a national drive to raise money for the foundation. If you happened to be on I-44 near Kirkwood and saw a line of about 20 white BMW's that's what that was all about.

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