Camping Out -

Camping Out

I'm a little late on my weekend update. I was sick earlier this week and it's been a real busy news week.
But I had to tell you about my camping experience at Rend Lake. I went with a bunch of people but only ended up with one picture and it doesn't really prove that I went camping.
Here it is. That's me and my friend Jason.

It was so fun. We went fishing, biking, boating and it was unbelievably relaxing. I got more sleep there than I would have gotten if I would have stayed home. And no, I did not use the air conditioner in the tent like Marc and Matt said I was using. They would never have let that one go. I had an oscillating fan.
I highly recommend Rend Lake. There is plenty of room to camp and a wonderful bike trail that is shaded.
And one day I will tell you about the "apple pie" I tried for the first time. It must be an Illinois thing.

Before I headed off to camp, I got to emcee an event with my good friend Janet. Who, by the way, is Belleville's best kept secret. I've never known a person more interesting. Janet and I met on one of my live shots when I was a feature reporter 4 1/2 years ago and have been friends since. The event was a fundraiser to restore Heritage Hall a beautiful church that's been in Belleville for hundreds of years.
Here we are showing off one of the auction items.

Oh yeah, we are FOUR WEEKS AWAY FROM KICK OFF!!!!! ROLL TIDE ROLL! I am already gathering Bama items for my watch party.

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