Sorry, Hogs -

Sorry, Hogs

We did it again. And the Razorbacks weren't sore losers at all.

Oh wait. Except for the fans who tried to get us kicked out of the game for cheering too loud for Bama. Yeah. Not nice.

I did meet some cool fans. Scott and Tina.

They even let out a few "Roll Tides!"

Then there was Phil and Ira. Father and son Bama fans who decided to make their own "Roll Tide" hats.

Father Phil doesn't look too happy. I think he's just tired. This was the beginning of the second half and the game was all but done.

We all had a great time. Even my two Arkansas fan friends from O'Fallon, IL, Jill and Jason, didn't seem to mind the Bama beating. Here we all are at dinner that night. They're the two in the middle.

I had a blast and Fayetteville is beautiful. Let's just hope our game this weekend against the #3 Georgia Bulldogs is just as pretty..

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