CBS' Top Guy -

CBS' Top Guy

We got to interview CBS' Bob Schieffer this morning. What a great guy. He has to be the most personable and down to earth celebrity I have ever met.

You would think a man who has been in the television news business for 40 years would have little bit of an ego. I did not detect one in the least. While we were on the air, he showed up for his interview. He actually walked in the back of the studio humming and then stopped over at Paul's traffic center. He just walked right up to Paul and started asking him about his traffic graphics and how everything works.

Then he walked over to the weather set while Matt was reporting his weather forcast. Mr. Schieffer stood less than two feet from Matt, leaned up against the wall, and just smiled.

When he came over to the news desk he immediately started describing his days as an morning show reporter and anchor at CBS. He also told us about his first reporter gig in Mississippi. He was there when the University of Mississippi enrolled its first African American student Meredith James. He reported on the riots and told us about how fritghtening it was. You may recall a sniper fired shots from behind a campus building and two people were killed.

He also admitted he was nervous just before he moderated a presidential debate with John Kerry and George Bush and about a conversation he had with Mr. Bush after the debate was over.

He will moderate this year's third presidential debate.

You can read about many of his experiences and opinions in his new book, "Bob Schieffer's America." ...

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