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Nice try with the whole black out. At least the Georgia Bulldog fans dressed appropriately for their blood bath. The color of blood is crimson red and that field was covered in it Saturday night.
As far as I'm concerned, the sports know it alls at ESPN can bad mouth the Crimson Tide all they want because each time they do on a big game day, we seem to prove them wrong.

We played much better in the first half but a 41-30 victory against the #2 ranked team in the country is still a very big deal. Now maybe Saban and the Tide will get the respect they've deserved this whole season. Hey! The AP Poll has US ranked #2 in the nation now.

I got to enjoy the game with my Bama friend from home who lives in St Louis. We decided to have a Bama "white out" party.

Kelly saw my Alabama coffee mug on the news desk and emailed me last year. It turns out, we went to camp together when we were kids, she even has a picture of us together when we were nine and we went on a double date in high school. We didn't make the connection until I met up with her for the first time last year. Crazy, small world we live in.

We're planning a Tennessee watch party for any die hard Bama fans out there who want to help us cheer on the Tide on October 25th!

Speaking of dogs, I go to see what I think are the cutest kind of puppies there are yesterday.

Look at the babies!!!!

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