Minus a major gaffe by one of the candidates tonight, the question of who won or lost won't be decided in the debate hall. It will be decided in a large gymnasium just down the hall. That gym has been transformed in to "Spin Alley", just as it was 4 years ago during the Bush/Kerry debate. I had the privilege of covering that one, and I can tell you what goes on in there is just mind boggling. I'm an information junkie, and I'm proud of that, but it means I recognize just about every "talking head" and political analyst ever to appear on Network or Cable TV. In spin alley, you can't raise your arm without bumping in to some "famous" political operative or reporter, and listening to the different versions of what just happened is just about surreal. Because this V.P. debate is bigger than most Presidential debates, I just can't imagine how crazy it will be!

Will she stumble, will he gaffe?
Does Gwen Ifill pick a half?

Russia, Wall Street, Fannie Mae,
Iraq, Abortion, naivete?

No matter who you want to win,
nothing mattters but the Spin.


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