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A Little Class

The nasty presidential campaign is over and we have a president-elect. Whether you voted for him or not, Barack Obama is the next leader of our wonderful, great country.
I understand that 55 million Americans are sorely disappointed but I hope those people will have more class than all the George W. Bush haters.
I know he has the lowest approval rating of any president in history but is it okay for a country to turn its back on its leader, insult him, drag him through the mud, mock him and make him the butt of tasteless jokes?
Of course people have a right to their opinion but I also think they should express their disapproval with a little class.
With that said, I have seen a lot of people sulking and joking that they are leaving the country now that Barack Obama will be in the White House.
I say give the man a chance. Show him the respect a president deserves. At least wait until you see how he chooses to lead our nation before acting so defeated. And even if you still disapprove, do it with class.... .

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