Made it out of Death Valley Alive -

Made it out of Death Valley Alive

I tell you what, that Alabama LSU game was the longest game ever. I may need to go on blood pressure medicine after watching it.
But I saw an Alabama win and I saw it with about 60 fired up Bama fans.

This is at the Fox and the Hound in Chesterfield Valley. They are so supportive, the manager wears a Bama shirt during the games.
I took my friend Kelly

and even got some Bama support from my Kentucky friend Marc.
Here we are with Big Al.

And of course, there was a "Crimson Banner." (That's what the Tide box with the roll of toilet paper is called.)

And for Regina's sake, I should point out that she did not make that. Some fan from New Jersey did. See, even Yankees cheer on the #1 Crimson Tide!

We will back on December 6th for the SEC Championship game against Florida. Of course, we have some people from Mississippi State and Auburn to take care of first.
Roll Tide!!!!

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