Huntin', Cookin', and Watchin' Football -

Huntin', Cookin', and Watchin' Football

So tomorrow is my first experience with hunting. Deer hunting that is. My boyfriend in 10th grade took me rabbit hunting. I shot a snake instead. That was almost 20 years ago and a lot has changed since then-especially the boyfriend.
Deal is, I agree to hunt down Bambi (and I'm actually kind of excited about the mission to find the target, the rest I don't know how I feel about until it happens) then I will go to the hunting shin dig afterwards...but here's where it get's harry...after that, I'm hitting the road to go into town around 8 o'clock.

You see, the hunting cabin where all the boys get together doesn't have cable or cell phone access. Meaning, when Alabama kicks off at 6:45 I will be completely cut off from the football game. I told my STL Bama friend Kelly. She gets it and has agreed to call the "Bama Hotline" (the landline that I will be manning continuously) to report any big plays.

But that's only for the first hour then I'm bolting to the big town of Sullivan, Missouri to find the nearest sports bar.
The boyfriend says he's just fine with it. But to sweetin the deal I made some desserts for the big trip. Not just any dessert, Aunt's Ruth's Peanutbutter Balls and some really sick, rich brownies.
If I come back with a buck and an Alabama win, you know I had a very successful weekend and I should be voted girlfriend of the year.
I will post the pictures to prove it. I'm tellin' you, this could get real interesting. Roll Tide! ......

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