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Tales from the Woods

Well, I did it. I went deer hunting. I would do it again- BUT let me fill you in on my misconception of the sport.
Here is the definition of deer hunting: "the pursuit and killing or capture of wild deer regarded as a sport."
No where does it read, "involving 8 to 12 hours of sitting up in a tree, not saying a word, in the freezing cold with no guarantee of ever seeing a deer."
I had no idea you sat in one place ALL DAY LONG.

Thank goodness I was dressed as stay puff rambo marshmellow.

I did get an eight pointer.

I told you I should be named girlfriend of the year if I brought back a buck and an Alabama win. Turns out, I will not recieve that award.

The boyfriend got the deer (thank God or we may still be stuck up in that tree waiting.) Bama did beat Mississippi State. But that wasn't a total success either. Because I was deep in the woods of Washington County, Missouri, there was no cable, cellphone or internet access. So I was unable to watch, listen, or recieve updates on the game. As a result, I threw a small, not very loud conniption fit. But I did remember to give the landline number to Bama Friend Kelly and she called to tell me we won 32-7.

And since the boyfriend was so understanding and he somehow bagged his buck within the first two hours of his weekend long hunt, I should show you his picture with his prize
and concede that he is THE man!

Roll Tide! Next up, Auburn. If you thought my continual blabbing about Bama football was annoying, wait until the week of that game. This isn't just a revenge we're going for after their six year winning streak, it is a reckoning.
BAMA IS BACK, BABY! And little sister (who some how slipped past us and went to Auburn,) I will be loud and obnoxious while we watch the Iron Bowl together on November 29. Payback's a B...rutal feeling sometimes.. .

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